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Pelvic Sling Complications


Pelvic Sling ComplicationsThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned that pelvic sling complications are “not rare,” and they can cause severe and incurable injuries. Thousands of women have suffered when their pelvic sling eroded into their body, damaged organs, became infected, or caused severe pain. When these complications occur, additional surgery is necessary. However, many women have gone through multiple corrective surgeries and still suffer from permanent, debilitating complications.

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What is the problem with pelvic slings?

A pelvic sling is a long, narrow strip of mesh that is implanted under the muscles in the pelvic floor to treat stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse — conditions that are caused when weak muscles in the pelvic floor allow abdominal organs to drop into the vagina or rectum.

The problem with pelvic slings is that they have been linked to some very serious complications, and there is no clear evidence that they are any better than non-sling surgical treatment for prolapsed organs.

The FDA has attempted to raise awareness about pelvic sling complications by publishing a series of Safety Warnings in 2008 and 2011. Unfortunately, these warnings were not published until after pelvic slings had been on the market for more than a decade — after more than 4,000 women were severely injured.

Unfortunately, many types of pelvic slings can trace their design back to a product that was recalled. In 1999, Boston Scientific’s ProteGen sling was recalled because it was causing complications like vaginal dehiscence and erosion. After the recall, the FDA continued to approve new pelvic slings that were similar to the ProteGen without requiring more rigorous safety studies.

Serious Pelvic Sling Complications

  • Infection: When pelvic slings are implanted through the vagina, there is a higher risk of infection than with abdominal implantation. This is because it is very difficult to sterilize the vagina before surgery. Furthermore, incisions in the vagina may not heal properly due to infection.
  • Erosion of the mesh: The vaginal wall is very thin, and the mesh in a pelvic sling can erode into the vagina and become exposed. Erosion can cause infections, severe pain, and make sexual intercourse impossible. Unfortunately, it is one of the most common pelvic sling complications, and it must be treated surgically.
  • Organ perforation: Some pelvic slings require a surgeon to blindly pass a large needle over the pubic bone, through an area called the retropubic space. This area is filled with blood vessels and it is also close to the bladder and bowel. Surgical accidents can cause organ perforations. Erosion of the sling can also cause organ perforations.
  • Pain: Some women suffer from chronic pain due to a pelvic sling implant that makes it difficult to sit down, walk, or perform normal daily activities. Others suffer from dyspareunia, or pain during sexual intercourse. This complication can be devastating for a woman’s quality of life.
  • Additional surgery: Surgery to remove a pelvic sling is called excision surgery, and it is often necessary when the sling erodes into the vagina or causes pain. Unfortunately, pelvic slings are designed to be permanent, and pelvic sling complications may not be curable even with multiple surgeries.

Do I have a Pelvic Sling Lawsuit?

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